You Can Password-Protect Your Private Photos on Your iPhone. Here’s How

For whatever reason, you can surrender iPhone or iPad give people access to your camera roll. Maybe you’re showing your family members photos from a recent vacation or a funny video you downloaded with a friend – but you’ll notice that there are hidden photos or videos of they can scroll to it. And you are afraid.

Of course, you can delete photos or videos before handing over your phone, but there are other ways to protect your privacy. Instead, you can password protect your embarrassing photos or videos in seconds, thanks to the new privacy feature. Here’s what you need to know.

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For this to work, you will need to be at least updated iOS 16. Check out how to download and install new mobile software update on iPhone. You can also look some of the best hidden features in iOS 16as well as new key features such as Life events.

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Password protect your sensitive photos and videos in iOS 16

Note that you cannot password protect your individual photos and videos. Instead, you have to transfer them to an album, in your camera roll, which is locked with a password.

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To password-protect your photos and videos, start it first Photo app and find the photo or video you want to keep private. You can do this individually, for a single photo or video, or use it Select button above to select multiple photos and videos at once. Once your photos and videos are selected, tap the three-dotted menu icon and hit it Hide.

Picture password protection in iOS 16

If you’re hiding just one photo or video, you’ll see a three-dot menu on the top-right.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

This will remove the photos and videos from your current library and transfer them to the office Hidden album (you can find it at the bottom of your album, under Utilities). By default, hidden albums are locked in iOS 16, so any photos and videos in the folder can be viewed with a passcode or Touch/Face ID.

Hidden files in iOS 16

Your recently deleted records are also password protected.

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If you want to bring a hidden photo album or video to your photo library all the time, go to Hidden album, select your photos and videos, press the menu button with three dots and hit Don’t hide.

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