Why the left-wing internet can’t resist the former president of Brazil.

On December 31, 2022, the income account of Brazil posted a photo on Twitter of Brazil’s outgoing president Jair Bolsonaro, a tall man with beady eyes and a crooked nose, wearing a blue shirt eating what looks like a chicken thigh at KFC and outside of Orlando, Florida. In Jan. 2, David Adler continues reprinted Image titled “I’ll pay a lot of money for this photo of former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro eating KFC in Orlando, Florida on Lula’s inauguration day.” According to Twitter metrics, Adler’s post was viewed 4.3 million times.

For the record, Bolsonaro Lula’s rival—Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva—did on Jan. criminal case. Still, it’s funny to see a world leader—who is associated with incredible power, tailored suits, and political meetings in the Alps—sitting on a Formica table, head bowed. it, lips manage to buy what they feed in the water. Chicken nuggets and junk food bought for about six dollars in central Florida. It is what Alexander Pope would call the bathroom.

But this is not the first photo of former president Bolsonaro who has now “gone viral.” Far away from it. In fact, for some left-wing audiences of American news, it is less important for his position in world affairs than because many of his images are, for some reason, funny.

To do this, another viral tweet was posted six days later, which included a video of Bolsonaro walking around, alone, in a Publix supermarket – possibly with Florida, where there is a large Brazilian population – and not independent. cart or cart:

(Krohn wrote later that he would like to thank the person who shot the video, but not sure where he originally came from.)

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Going back to the front, at the time Bolsonaro really managed and some considered him a threat to the future of the planet, there was. this tweet, which sums up his footage of the hospital, a situation he finds himself in over and over again:

What’s going on here? To understand, we can start by going back to the beginning of Bolsonaro’s career:

[Bolsonaro] It became public knowledge in 1986, when he wrote an article for Veja magazine criticizing the low wages of military personnel, after which he was arrested and imprisoned for 15 days.

Being an imprisoned dictator isn’t a famously funny situation… but it is it seems is funny when he plays a strong patriot trying to make his first trip in the public eye, and explains it in the text next to the following profile picture:

Bolsonaro looks at the camera in a very serious but confused manner.
Your TFW was called 15 days after he wrote an article in Veja magazine criticizing the low salaries for military personnel.
Isac Nóbrega/PR – Flickr do Palácio na Planalto


So, Bolsonaro is a one-time veteran who served for more than 20-plus years as a conservative in Brazil’s legislature. In 2018, he ran for president as someone like Trump who “tells it like it is.” He advocates torture, has a long history of voicing outrageous homophobic views, and made international headlines even before he ran for president for making outrageous comments to a female congresswoman.

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While running for office, Bolsonaro was stabbed in the stomach during a rally by a man who later determined he was mentally ill. Again, that’s not it funny funny, at least a quaint way to try to murder, and he survived.

Confusion from the fine is one of the reasons why Bolsonaro is in the hospital, but not the only one. He was also hospitalized (or isolated) when he fell in the bathroom, got COVID in 2020 (he downplayed the threat of the virus and said he was not vaccinated), developed stones Colon, being part of the UN delegation of Brazil that has eaten too much. With COVID in 2021, and developing a skin disease called erysipelas on his legs that made it painful for him to wear pants. During his first COVID-19 ban, Bolsonaro went outside to get some air and made a video of being bitten by a bird that looked like an emu.

Humor experts told me that the difference between Bolsonaro’s threatening personal goals and their history of misdeeds Mr. A damaged bean can explain why its facial features can evoke positive emotions. “It’s either Squidward’s head or Wile E. Coyote,” it used to be 30 Stones and The Modern Family said author Vali Chandrasekaran. Daily show author Jason O. Gilbert had the same thing: “It’s one reason Trump’s standing photo is funny. [Bolsonaro] presents himself as an indomitable alpha male but every picture of the hospital looks like a Looney Tunes movie.” Gilbert added, “Also, he gives stupid thumbs up when he looks like the sickest guy on the planet.”

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Chandrasekaran put me in touch with Chilean actor Fabrizio Copano, who also compared Bolsonaro to the macho former US president and added some political context. “It’s Trump who doesn’t ‘win,'” Copano said. “Even the economic situation is a mess during his administration. He tries to copy-paste every act of Trump, but without efficiency or god. ” (Bolsonaro’s support is under water, sometimes from and more than 30 points, during almost every season as president.) These events, which were made for this man, have a positive effect. Imagine seeing Hitler being hit in the ring by a soccer ball traveling 50 miles per hour. Ha ha!

What does the future hold for the person who supports the stupid thing in the world of allowing the police to kill suspects in the street? Probably going to the hospital, maybe in Florida, where it is reported that Bolsonaro plans to stay for one to three months to make sure that he will not be arrested in Brazil. He’s staying there with an MMA featherweight fighter who, for some reason, has a Minions-themed bedroom. There are pictures of them together of Bolsonaro, who had to be hospitalized because he was concussed for 10 days, wearing a UFC-branded fight shirt and trying to look tough but it never fails to half-smirk. However, don’t laugh at that, please. There will be no laughing at the former president of Brazil today at this meeting, even if something will happen to the small rope holding a large anvil on it. base.


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