Video: Digital Foundry’s Technical Analysis Of Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 is finally here and as usual with new Nintendo releases, Digital Foundry has taken a look at the game’s performance and frame rate. So how did it hold up?

In short, John Linneman thinks that the third game has “some terrible technical hiccups”, and that it is a game that feels as if the whole production was looking for more powerful hardware that never came.

In general, image quality is described as “very limited”. However Bayonetta 3 improves on the second game by jumping to 720p 810p offbut which small situation is now below 720p – with a much lower pixel count 480p.

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Regarding the performance of the game, movie hold on 30 fps and sports focused 60 fps. The game is bigger The set pieces are now available ran at 30 fps.

“And here’s the thing, during a normal game, the average target is 60 frames per second, but it’s not difficult to reach that and that’s a real risk… in a completely free battlefield, the rate The frame still drops below 60 frames per second.

“Once you get into a fight, it’s completely open and unreliable”

Despite the technical problems, Linneman thinks there is still something special about Bayonetta 3, it’s just a case “where it can shine with the next generation of Switch hardware”.

“Given Platinum’s history with port games, that seems like a good chance, so we’ll see an upgraded version of Bayonetta 3 down the line… just doesn’t play well with the strengths of the Switch hardware. … raise your expectations on the technical side and you’ll have a great time with Bayonetta 3”

On a more positive note, the game’s load time is “very short” – and seamless switching between maps in real time. Get the full details from Digital Foundry in the video above. You can also check out DF’s technical review at Eurogamer.

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