The Americans Who Are Fleeing the United States

In November, voters in Georgia re-elected Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green despite a history of anti-Semitic speech; after his re-election, he performed at the Young Republican Club of New York, which included white nationalist Peter Brimelow. America’s most-watched cable TV host, Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, regularly spews white nationalist rhetoric and praises authoritarian regimes like Vladimir Putin’s Russia and the authoritarian regime of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who was a featured speaker last year. Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC. And this month, the DeSantis administration was rejected
a nationwide AP course on African American studies as “awakened learning.”

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Carlson got the first real and coded interview with TV Chaya Rajczykthe former real estate agent behind LibsOfTikTok, who regularly tweets screenshots of all-ages events and inclusive health care, knowing his followers will make death calls and bomb which he called
the “bad” and “cult” LGBTQ community. Rajczyk is the same woman who was gunned down by a gunman at a gay bar in Colorado Springs, Colorado, hours later.

a youth drag incident in the same state took to Twitter and its tweets attacked Boston Children’s Hospital for its transgender care program, causing it to receive multiple bomb threats.

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It’s thanks to the “groomsman” slander and false claims that LGBTQ people are pedophiles spread by people like Rajczyk, Matt Walsh, James Lindsay, and Chris Rufo that drag out princess story time and drag out brunch events. now they regularly find fascist thugs and sometimes they are armed. In December, angry protestors consumed by animalistic rage spat venom at a drag queen story hour event at a library in New York’s LGBTQ neighborhood of Chelsea, and two women were later assaulted after trying to enter the gay chair. New York Council Eric was arrested. Botcher’s apartment building has “groom” and “predator” written on the outside of the sidewalk. Meanwhile, laws attacking LGBTQ rights have been signed or introduced in dozens of states, including several banning medical supplies, including one in Oklahoma that would criminalize performing them in the presence of minors.including drag queen story timeand one door North Dakota which, with some interpretations, allows transgender people to be held accountable for their presence in public.

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