TED NUGENT: ‘The Dumbing Down Of America Has Been On The Fast Track Since The 1950s’

Ted Nugent says that “indifference,” “ignorance” and “significantly” the electoral process is at least partly to blame for the failure of the “red tide” some predicted in the midterm elections.

If a red tide occurs, it would give Republicans control of Congress and critical positions in swing states. Republicans may still hold the majority after all the votes are counted, but by a narrower margin than Democrats feared.

Nugenta staunch supporter of the former US president Donald Trumpwhose candidates could not reach their seats last night across the country, discussed the election results in the latest edition of this publication. “night owl”, a news clip in which he presents the news of our world every night. Asked by the host Keith Mark why he thinks the results weren’t what many Republicans expected or hoped for Ted said in part (as by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “People who voted for Democrats, they voted to import fentanyl to kill their own Americans.” Well, I didn’t vote [for that].’ Yes, you did. What they did. They voted for us to submit to China. ‘Yes, I did not vote [for that].’ Yes, you did. And you have to get your friends and say, “You know, if you’re not registered to vote, China, Communist China, wants to thank you. It’s obvious.

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He added: “The gentrification of America has been accelerating since the 1950s.” “I mean basically what they don’t teach in school and what they do teach in school is deliberately dumb, so people are less knowledgeable, less intelligent, more suspicious of authority. Also, in all It’s high time that people don’t care. So you have apathy and ignorance. And then add that the electoral process is seriously failing – dangerous is wrong — and until we fix it, we’ll never know what the real pulse of America is.”

Nugent has been widely criticized Joe Bidenin relation to her Adolf Hitler after the US President’s speech in September. Last year Nugent announced Biden “Puda” person and insulted the democrats who support the “ugly policy” of the president. He said during his speech “Wild Initiative” podcast: “You say some liberals have good intentions. I’ve met one. And I’ve met a lot of people. Because if you’re on the side of Joe Biden, you are just a rotten person. You support a man with a liberal agenda who has renegotiated all treaties with the world. Trump Finally, he negotiated on behalf of our country. This is not my guess; this is not a guess; that is not the idea. Trump For the first time in my life, I renegotiated global agreements to benefit America and Joe Biden brought them back to harm America. So if you are a liberal and a democrat, you are an enemy of freedom. And if you don’t believe in these ugly, ugly policies, then you should quit.”

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He continued: “If you don’t agree with forcing Americans to get vaccination passports, but people coming through the borders without any vetting, then you don’t have a soul and you can’t be on that team. If you don’t agree with these toxic policies , dangerous and oppressive, you need to get off that group. That group is the Democrats. Their agenda is extreme liberal Marxism. And if you’re part of that group, you’re as rotten as that man wanted. For a TB in the White House.”

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Nugent has repeatedly said that the 2020 presidential election was rigged, insisting that “hundreds of thousands of dead people” voted and claiming that the machines were “rigged” to Donald Trump vote Joe Biden. Trump more than 7 million people were defeated in the election and in the electoral college by 306-232 votes.

There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud or tampering in the 2020 election, as audits, court cases and findings suggest. TrumpThe Ministry of Justice itself.


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