Samuel Eto’o throws shade at Thierry Henry claiming his former Barca team-mate was ‘not on my level’

Samuel Eto’o delivers poignant assessment of former Barcelona team-mate Thierry Henry in new documentary as he astonishingly asserts that the Arsenal legend is ‘not at my level’ … and even suggested that Nicolas Anelka is a better player

  • Samuel Eto’o has stated that he and their Henry Henry are not on the same level
  • The French striker is also not as good as Nicolas Anelka, according to Eto’o
  • Henry is considered by many to be the greatest striker in Premier League history

Samuel Eto’o has sensationalized that he is operating on a different level from his former Barcelona team-mate Thierry Henry.

The former Cameroon striker played with Henry for two seasons at Barca, but believes the Frenchman is not at ‘my level’.

He also claims that France and Arsenal’s top scorer Henry – considered by many to be one of the greatest strikers of all time – is not even close to compatriot Nicolas Anelka.

Eto’o’s attack on Henry surfaced after a leaked video was posted by Speechneither the French striker nor the 41-year-old reacted to the 41-year-old’s bizarre claims.

He said: ‘I think Thierry Henry is not at Anelka’s level.

‘Titi plays well, but I know the players. I prefer other players. In any case, he’s not at my level. Lucky or unlucky that I don’t get to play for France.

‘Those who used to play in France have 70%. Not because they are strong, but because the French sell them better.

‘They sold them to us and raised them to our level.’

Eto’o and Henry spent two seasons together under Pep Guardiola at one of the most successful teams in Barcelona history, winning the treble in the 2008-09 season.

Furthermore, the pair have scored 11 goals in 57 games at the Catalan giants, although both have largely played second roles ahead of young and up-and-coming Lionel Messi.

Eto'o also thinks that Henry is not even as good as Nicolas Anelka (L)

Eto’o also thinks that Henry is not even as good as Nicolas Anelka (L)

The Cameroonian and Anelka also spent time together at Barca’s Clasico Real Madrid, although both are close to the start of their careers, they have not been able to play on the same pitch for Los Blancos in competitive football. painting.

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Before Henry arrived at the Catalan club, the former Everton, Chelsea and Inter striker had talked the Frenchman could replace him at Barca, insisting the two could play on the same team.

He said: ‘That’s not my problem. It belongs to Frank Rijkaard.

‘Some journalists want to create tension between ‘Titi’ and me. I’m laughing. I always have ‘Titi’ on my phone. If he goes to Barca, thinking he will put Samuel Eto’o on the bench, I say “no”. We will play together. We will be teammates.

‘I’m not involved in any controversy. I want the coach to sign ‘Titi’. He’s my friend.’

Anelka (second right) and Henry (L) won the 2000 European Championship with France

Anelka (second right) and Henry (L) won the 2000 European Championship with France


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