Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Raingate, Explained

This is the rain in question. What do you think?
Gif: Game Show / Capcom / Kotaku

First, there is Spider-ManPuddlegate is a bad name. Then there are those who do not have water in the street Cyberpunk 2077. Now it seems like the next spring for video game fans, the pre-release controversy included the heavy rain seen in some of the early games of the game. Cruelty 4 to adapt. Some think it’s as bad as those heavy rain is expected GTA Trilogy remasters. Others are convinced that it’s just video compression. And remember: None of them have played the game yet.

Rumors for some time, Cruelty 4 was announced publicly by Capcom back in June 2022. This new remake will improve game control and combat, while keeping the same story and character. Players will play again as Leon as he travels through the countryside of Western Europe to save the president’s daughter and get into a whole lotta camp, bad shenanigans. But depending on New released gameplay site Game showsome Resident Evil His supporters think that Leon’s greatest danger will not be monsters or infected townspeople, but no rain.

Across Reddit and Twitteryou can find many players WHO feel the rain in the game is awesome coming remake. Although I am not sure who was the first to share these concerns online, they have quickly spread around the country. Some have suggested which rain seems worse such as heavy rain seen in a place where care is taken Trilogy Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: Edition Mark. The rain was so bad that it made the game almost unplayable during the storm, the devs finally made it better. from the release patch.

However, here is a remade RE4rain that causes such a kerfuffle:

Capcom / Game Show

I will honestly admit that I watched this movie twice Game show first posted a video that he didn’t think anything about the rain. But even in the comments on YouTube, you can see people worried about how difficult and distracting it is.

Kotaku Capcom has been contacted about weather and upcoming updates.

Others think that people are being too critical and suggest that the real problem is not the rain Terrible YouTube video compression. I love that the YouTube compression doesn’t help with the rain, but I can see how some might find the big white water different.

Of course, this is the Internet and gamers, some people go too far and suggest that the devs are lazy or that this is a sign that the whole game will be big, running run “money to catch.” That is completely stupid and asinine. Remember: None of us made the game, which is unfinished.

Cruelty 4 Expires March 24, 2023 on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Maybe it will include a rain power slide.


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