Petnow Unveils the World’s First ID App for Dogs and Cats

Dog identification software, a CES 2022 Best of Innovation Honoree, is back at CES

SEOUL, South Korea, January 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Petnow Inc . announced at CES 2023 that it is introducing the world’s first cat biometric recognition service to be added to the Petnow app. An AI-driven app that automatically scans dogs’ unique identifiers called “Noseprints” won the award. It was named Best of Innovation at CES 2022 and the company received worldwide recognition and was featured on the BBC and CBS.

Dr. Jesse Joonho LimThe founder of Petnow Inc. said: “The company is adding feline biometric recognition to the existing app to support the world’s largest growing number of pets, and the app will help more households reunite with their beloved pets if they go missing. The Petnow app is prone to damage or loss. can solve the problems of existing pet identification methods such as microchips, tags and collars, and is starting to enter the US market at CES 2023.”

Dr. Ken Daehyun ParkThe co-founder of Petnow was also quoted as saying, “We are hearing from local and international customers to add the cat identification feature and are proud to announce the biometric recognition of cats with 99% accuracy. We have partnered with Korea’s largest mobile phone carrier SK Telecom, ‘Amber Alert ‘ will present a dog version South Koreaand we hope to provide even more use cases for users.”

With the release of the program in the United States and South KoreaJesse wanted to emphasize the following:

  • The Petnow app is free, and pets with pet cats and/or dogs can now try a painless microchip alternative.
  • Petnow seeks partnerships with pet-related businesses and organizations, including, but not limited to, insurance companies, government departments, veterinary chains and pet shelter networks.
  • The company has been selected by this year’s Google for Startups Accelerator cohort to further develop the app and other capabilities.

* * *

Petnow Inc. About: Petnow Inc. is a company that develops pet identification Seoul, Korea. The company published the first paper in IEEE Access on artificial intelligence-based identification of dogs using noseprints. March 2021followed by a Best Innovation Honor at CES 2022.

Petnow Inc. is working with Korean government departments and insurance companies to incorporate its pet identification solution into the national pet registry and use it to introduce more affordable pet insurance plans to reduce vet bill burdens. Identification software for dogs and cats was demonstrated at CES 2023, Venetian Expo, Level 1, Hall G, Booth #60633.

SOURCE Petnow Inc.


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