Once again, America chooses Ireland over the UK



The scandal over the Protocol shows that the relationship between Ireland and the US is stronger than ever

by Gerry Lynch

Joe Biden pledged to the flag. Credit: Getty.

Another bill of the British government, another opportunity for American intervention. At the end of last week, twenty-seven members of the US House of Representatives signed the agreement. letterappealed to Rishi Sunak and expressed “serious concern” about the British government suggestions for conditional amnesty for crimes committed by both terrorists and state forces between 1969 and 1998, during the period of unrest in Northern Ireland.

It is worth mentioning that this was the last intervention welcomed by Sinn Féin Vice President Michelle O’Neill. Seven of the signatories are Republicans—of the American variety, not the Irish—not a party that typically escapes justice by protesting trigger-happy officers.

Establishing moral parity between the IRA and the British state during the Troubles is a key project of Sinn Féin, although much of Irish nationalists are skeptical of it. This probably explained why the letter was largely ignored by the Irish government and the other pro-unification party in Northern Ireland, the Social Democratic and Labor Party (SDLP), even though the UK’s proposals were rejected by all shades of opinion on the island, including allies.

Meanwhile, the US intervention on the impact of Brexit on the Irish border has been welcomed across the Irish political spectrum, from Sinn Féin to the ruling parties in Dublin to Northern Ireland’s centrist party and the unionist party. All of these groups have a clear consensus on the absolute priority of maintaining an open border between the two territories of Ireland. He put pressure on London over the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol, which was agreed between the UK and the European Union come on from President Biden and other key figures in his administration, not just members of the legislature.

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The influence of the Irish in America is not limited to crude political calculations, nor entirely to the large number of Americans who proudly bear Irish ancestry. Technocrats forget the foundational myths of both United States and the modern state of Ireland they are the same stories told in different contexts: a successful domestic revolution against British imperialism.

To put it bluntly, the Irish special relationship with America trumped the traditional special relationship because the Irish could tell an emotionally more compelling story to an American audience. It’s a powerful tool in an era that honors powerful stories.

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Irish-US ties have strengthened even as the war in Ukraine has exposed Ireland’s low military spending and its vociferous far-left minority. politicians openly infatuated with Putin (and even as the UK demonstrated its strengths, with significant arms transfers to the conflict zone and large numbers of Ukrainian conscripts training on Salisbury Plain).

As long as Dublin administrations are led by pro-market technocrats who support US multinational investment in Ireland, Washington’s pro-Irish stance is unlikely to change, and London will just have to take the geopolitical pain. Or, as seems more likely, the UK government will have to accept that Northern Ireland will remain largely within the orbit of EU regulation. This price will be for the final dash bribe EU rules in the UK ahead of the next general election.


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