Internet hails woman who says she got job with 50% hike, days after being fired

While hundreds of thousands of people continue to be affected by the massive layoffs of tech giants despite the economic downturn, the Internet is fascinated by a woman who said she got a new job at 50 percent just three days later. fired.

The employee – whose handle is @2020LawGrad – tweeted on January 25 that he was fired after being told that his behavior was inappropriate even though his work was “exceptional”. The woman, whose profile says she is a defense attorney, added that her work continues to disappoint her.

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On January 29, she tweeted that she had received a job from home with more vacation time and a 50% salary increase. “Update: I was fired on Tuesday. On Friday, I got a job that pays me 50% more, WFH options and lots of PTO,” he wrote. He thanked employees for their compassionate messages during the week.

The lawyer also gave advice to people who ask themselves questions about life after hearing the opinions of others. “This is a reminder to always nurture yourself. (I say this after I’ve been feeling sorry for myself for days),” she added.

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Since it was shared, his tweet has received over 7 million views and 1.6 lakh likes. When the employee asked if he had applied for the job before he was fired, he replied that a resume was submitted on the day of termination, followed by three interviews in three days.

Many people extended thanks to one employee saying, “Sometimes good things fall apart so that better things come together”. Another person compared it to his own life experience and wrote, “I always have the idea that when one door closes another one opens and I always believe that it is true so far in my life. Believe that you are clear eyes.”

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The last few months have been very tragic for the technology sector with many Big Tech companies – from Google to Meta – ‘making’ their employees as part of the movement ‘organization’ refers to’ economic situation’. In the latest round of layoffs, the Dutch online store OLX announced that it is cutting 15% of its global workforce or 1,500 employees.


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