How they could dramatically boost energy efficiency

Traditionally, the “quantum superstructure” is sought from the concept of fast computing power: we want to compute (a lot) fast.

However, the question of its energy consumption can also provide research now, since the current supercomputers sometimes consume as much electricity as a small city (which can prevent an increase in their computing power). Information technologies, at their end, will account for 11% of global electricity consumption in 2020.

Why focus on the power of quantum computing?

Since a quantum computer can solve a problem in a few hours, while a supercomputer can take tens of billions of years, it is natural to expect that it will consume less energy. However, creating such a powerful quantum computer will require us to solve many scientific and technological challenges, potentially more than a year to decades of research.

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The ultimate goal would be to create a small quantum computer that can solve calculations in a time comparable to that of supercomputers but using less power.

The utility of this energy in quantum computing has already been discussed. Google’s Sycamore Quantum processor consumes 26 kilowatts of electrical power, less than a supercomputer, and runs quantum algorithm tests in seconds. Following the experiment, scientists introduced a classical algorithm to make the number of algorithms. The original design for the classical algorithm required more power – which seems to reflect the power advantages of quantum computing. However, they were soon followed by other plans, which were more powerful.

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Therefore, the value of power is still open to question and is an open research topic, especially since the quantum algorithm performed by Sycamore has not defined a “useful” application to date.

Superposition: the weak point at the heart of mathematics

In order to know whether quantum computers can be expected to provide energy benefits, it is important to understand the basic rules of how they work.

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Quantum computers also use physical systems called qubits (for number of digits) to do the calculations. A qubit can take two values: 0 (“ground”, of minimum energy) and 1 (“excited state”, of maximum energy). It can also withstand a “superposition” of 0 and 1. How we define superpositions is still a hot topic of scientific debate, but, to put it simply, it means that A qubit can be “both” in state 0 and state 1 and. some “probability density”.


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