“How Staqu is mitigating adverse disasters and providing data analysis to the surveillance systems?”

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Mr. Atul Rai, Co-Founder & CEO at Staqu Technologies.

With what mission and purpose was the company founded? Briefly, tell us about your journey since the beginning of the company.

At our previous launch, I (Atul), Anurag, and Pankaj met. We are working together on one of the projects. I worked in research, Anurag in engineering, and Pankaj in cloud computing. We understand that we all support each other, so we decided to establish a dedicated AI company that solves the problem of automation in audio-video data entry. Finally, in 2015, we founded Staqu, which works in the field of video editing and audio management in JARVIS. Staqu provides seamless solutions for any problem related to image analysis and information extraction.

We have come a long way since the inception of our product offering. We have more than 100 companies that work with us in specific lines. Some of the famous brands we work with include Raymond, Cafe Coffee Day, Starbucks, Chaayos, Crocs, GMR, JK Cement, Agrocel and others. In addition, nine state police agencies work with us to meet their needs for safety and security, as well as targeting criminals. Our goal is to integrate JARVIS technology into all cameras, making them as intelligent as humans.

How did you choose to create a brand in AI-led Eye Search?

For every CCTV camera installed, the security guard must check carefully for any violence or intrusion. A large stream of incoming data requires security guards to look out for various activities based solely on their insights. In fact, the human brain cannot process a large number of food lists. According to recent data, we now have more cameras than people on the planet. This means that even if we put a person behind every food, we will not be able to cover every camera. However, AI can now play a significant role in filling this gap by automating security-related monitoring, security or similar types of data analysis. It can automate various security measures or security measures, eliminating the possibility of errors and accomplishing tasks that are impossible for humans to accomplish. This is where our popular product JARVIS comes in. JARVIS automatically automates face detection, vehicle detection, people counting, and drive, fire and violence detection.

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Tell us about the JARVIS application by Staqu.

JARVIS is a platform for audio video analysis and management that has changed the way people think about security cameras. It follows the innovative method of extracting useful information from long CCTV video footage by using AI and computer vision to extract short and concise information. JARVIS, powered by Artificial Intelligence, proprietary technology, and one-of-a-kind capabilities, provides security innovations and the best business solutions. JARVIS’ deep facial recognition system can recognize people, manage attendance, and identify blacklisted individuals. It also uses audio samples to detect criminals. The face recognition system, for example, has more than 99.7% accuracy on the LFW Dataset, Youtube Faces, Indian and foreign face databases.

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What are the uses of Visual Data Analysis?

Businesses today have begun to understand the importance of data solutions. Staqu brings much-needed security innovation, enabling actors to make faster decisions and faster response generation. JARVIS, our brain, has proven to be one of the most advanced artificial intelligence video analysis machines, with advanced facial recognition technology and intelligent monitoring of objects, people, environments, and vehicles. JARVIS provides a user-friendly dashboard that helps customers analyze critical events and take appropriate action. A video wall panel allows for a clear view of all cameras from different locations on one screen. With more than 40 usage issues, JARVIS Video Analytics provides accurate, flexible and comprehensive solutions. Insights from 85+ surveys also help increase situational awareness and improve operational intelligence.

Learn more about facial recognition technology and intelligent tracking as a solution to security concerns.

Previously, surveillance cameras could record people’s faces and gestures; However, with the ever-changing security environment and the adoption of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, many companies are improving their security infrastructure to meet the demanding needs of a changing environment. Defense forces, local police departments, and businesses with critical infrastructure, such as factories, ports, airports, and power plants, are adopting AI Audio-Video Analytics and Face Recognition systems. application because of their many advantages. For example, inattention and inappropriate behavior are detected and identified through video analysis and facial recognition (VA-FR). Additionally, video analysis also recognizes multiple faces, analyzes audio, and detects blackouts, lights or violence across multiple camera streams simultaneously.

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What do you think is the role of video analytics in building smart cities?

To instill a sense of security and ensure progress in development, a smart city will provide security for all citizens. Surveillance cameras equipped with advanced video analysis tools such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Cloud can provide important insights and monitor every movement. Modern data collection and analysis can empower governments by providing important insights and making it easier for city leaders to collect, store and interpret information. Smart cameras work well to prevent crime, detect traffic violations, prevent crowding, and prevent minor safety issues that traditional cameras cannot detect. Also, it can help all countries in the world to identify those who are not following the Covid-19 safety regulations.

What is the future roadmap for Staqu?

As mentioned earlier, our vision is to integrate JARVIS technology into all cameras to make cameras as intelligent as humans. With our product offerings, we have already solved many problem statements in the security, trade and manufacturing industries. Therefore, in the coming years, we are very motivated to expand our customers, improve our offer, and establish ourselves in new geographies, especially the United States and the United Kingdom, which offer various opportunities for business and growth. . In terms of revenue, we expect it to easily cross INR 20 crore this fiscal year.


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