G7 Wired Controller for Xbox & PC

G7 Wired Controller

If you are looking for a wired controls are acceptable which can be used in both Xbox and pc system you may like the latest controller from GameSir. No G7 government licensed wire management Designed for Xbox face swappable features depending on your chosen game mode. Combined with an algorithm that optimizes the joysticks to provide 0 Shifts, 0 Shifts and 0 cycle errors, providing seamless 360° dot marker control. The G7 controller is compatible with Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Windows 10/11 PC and it is available for purchase at a price of $45 £50 or €60.

“That one G7 controller offering high speed and low input lag for an effortless gaming experience. With a polling frequency of 265 Hz, it is a low input frequency of less than 0.004s that helps each movement to be more seamless and users control the battlefield. Using the highly customizable GameSir Nexus software allows you to create a control profile with graphical buttons, tweaking the D-pad diagonal, fingertip and trigger area, adjusting the noise level and more. With up to 3 profiles that can be created, it is ideal for those who want to have a unique experience for each game and allows to quickly change the hair-trigger mode that is perfect for FPS and action games. “

swappable face

G7 Wired Controller

“Both hyper-realistic and hyper-responsive, the G7 is packed with great features. With the GameSir precision listening Hall Effect analog trigger, the G7 delivers smoothness and accuracy in the best class, reacting to even the smallest changes of your finger and the pioneering effect technology, and you need control the correct line or the best response.

Four rumble motors also create an immersive feeling while playing as 2 motors on the grips provide strong and soft sounds while 2 motors on the back of the trigger provide vibration feedback on the fingers to express any aspect of the gameplay from the impact, engine roars or driving on the surface. “

Intended for pro-level gaming, the G7 comes with two additional back buttons that allow for useful gaming graphics even in between games. This can be programmed and used directly without software (Mappable Buttons: A/B/X/Y/LB/RB/LT/RT/L3/R3/D-pad/Menu/Xbox/View Button). The textured grip on each bumper and the trigger are also non-slip to hold the fingers even in quick actions and ensure comfort for long games. “

Source: TPU: GameSir

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