EC launches radiology AI initiative for cancer imaging

A cornerstone of the EC’s European Cancer Imaging Initiative launched under the European Cancer Imaging Program (EBCP), EUCAIM will launch an Atlas of Cancer Imaging distribution containing more than 60 million anonymized images from more than 100,000 patients. An atlas will be made available to clinicians, researchers and developers across the EU to facilitate the development and benchmarking of AI applications. Cooperative learning software helps train AI algorithms in any warehouse to ensure data privacy, according to the EUCAIM consortium.

In addition, EUCAIM resources will also be populated by research findings from 21 clinical sites in 12 EU countries, including imaging and disease-related, molecular, and laboratory data. What’s more, the group hopes that the resource will be expanded to at least 30 data providers from 15 countries at the end of this project.

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Prof. Luis Martí-Bonmatí (left), director of radiology at the University of La Fe and the Polytechnic Hospital in Valencia, Spain, together with the President of the ESR Board of Directors Prof. Regina Beets-Tan and Marco Marsella, director of eHealth. Department of Wellbeing and Aging at DG Connect.

EUCAIM will lead scientists Dr. Luis Martí-Bonmatí, director of medical imaging and head of the radiology department at La Fe University and Polytechnic Hospital in Valencia, Spain. It will be coordinated by the European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research (EIBIR), and will be based at the headquarters of the European Society of Radiology in Vienna.

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The EUCAIM consortium includes 76 partners from 14 EU member states, covering areas such as imaging and cancer care, big data and medical imaging, data management, ethical and legal aspects of health data, development and deployment of research tools, and AI and machine learning. , as well as advertising, communications and social media for the lifestyle group, according to the group.

The organizers also said that EUCAIM builds on the results of the AI ​​for Health Imaging Network (AI4HI), which includes five products approved by the EU using big data and AI in cancer management: Chaimeleon, EuCanImage, ProCancer-I , Incisive, and Primage.

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EUCAIM members will participate in laboratories and experiments on AI for health under the Digital Europe Programme. helps small and medium enterprises (SMEs) access its resources. European Digital Innovation Hubs will support this move, according to the group.

An open call process will be used during the project to invite clinical data providers to participate in the study. More information can be found on the EC website.

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