Drew Barrymore Malfunctions While Dressed as M3GAN’

Drew Barrymore impersonated someone else for a recent episode of her talk show, but things got a little hairy during the interview.

The 50 first dates star went to great lengths to transform into M3GAN, even going so far as to learn her viral dance moves, for which she received praise Selma Blair, Rachael Ray, Party Tonightand many others in the comments.

Barrymore dressed up to surprise the movie star, Allison Williamswhen she stopped by the show, but things got a little off track when one of her ice blue contacts started to come off, giving her the appearance of a malfunction in her right eye.

In a clip shared on The Drew Barrymore Show On the Instagram page, the pair can be seen trying to hold back their laughter when a problem arises.

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“M3GAN, do you see anything?” Williams asked the host as she dissolved into simultaneous laughter and tears.

“My eyeballs really do feel like they’re falling apart,” Barrymore admitted in a creepy M3GAN-like voice as she tried to fix the contact placement. “But then again, you can just take me to your workshop and fix me up. As soon as I kill the neighbor’s dog,” she added as Williams agreed.


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