Ceylon Chamber and ILO partner to lead youth into entrepreneurship

As Global Entrepreneurship Week 2022 draws attention to the importance of entrepreneurship to economic growth, the International Labor Organization in collaboration with the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce is implementing a series of initiatives to facilitate change in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and support the transition of young people into the entrepreneurial world.

Delivered under the auspices of the International Labor Organization’s South Asia Entrepreneurship Leadership (SALE) programme, these strategic interventions aim to create an environment that is more welcoming to emerging, emerging and existing young entrepreneurs, promoting empowerment and removing systemic barriers to entrepreneurship of young people. A combination of advocacy and awareness-raising efforts, training, mentoring, ecosystem adaptation, and collaboration with policymakers are being implemented to achieve this goal.

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One of the main initiatives within the program is the provision of ILO Know About Business (KAB) educational modules. The Ceylon Chamber, as the main implementing partner of SALE, conducted a youth perception survey and consulted with various stakeholders to tailor the KAB training to address the aspirations of the youth. A group of qualified and experienced trainers have been recruited and trained to effectively deliver this customized training, while phase 1 will be rolled out to 1,000 students in Galle and Gampaha districts, the effort will be replicated in several districts next year. The aim of these entrepreneurship education programs is to inculcate and promote entrepreneurship among students in schools, vocational training institutes and universities.

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Establishment of School Entrepreneurship Clubs (E-Clubs) is another initiative under SALE to promote entrepreneurial mindset among school children and 10 schools in Galle and Gampaha districts have established E-Clubs so far.

In collaboration with the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, two policy dialogues were organized on the themes “Innovative Approaches to Achieve Excellence in Youth Entrepreneurship” and “Technopreneurship: A Digital Path to Business Resilience”. These dialogues aim to engage policy makers, ecosystem players, academia and other key players, identify vital issues and recommend best practices to the Government of Sri Lanka and other stakeholders, assist in the development of policy and initiatives related to the business environment. .

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Advocating to support academic institutions to introduce entrepreneurship education into the school curriculum, a key SALE intervention, technical assistance is being provided to the Ministry of Education and the National Institute of Education (NIE) to integrate digital learning tools into the entrepreneurship curriculum. is being prepared by UJZ as part of ongoing education reforms.

Through strategic interventions such as these, the ILO SALE program, funded by the US Department of State, seeks to change the business ecosystem and increase capacity among youth to enable them to start and develop their own business activities.


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