Cardinal Health expands Sustainable Technologies facility

The warehouse has shelves of medical supplies

Cardinal Health’s Sustainable Technology facility in Riverview, Florida [Photo courtesy of Cardinal Health]

Cardinal Health (NYSE: CAH) recently opened an expanded Sustainable Technologies facility in Riverview, Florida.

The facility has doubled in size to 100,000 square feet, Dublin, Ohio-based Cardinal Health said.

The medical device manufacturer and distributor launched Sustainable Technologies in 2015 to collect, recycle and reuse the same devices in the US Sustainable Technologies now works in more than 3,000 US hospitals and ambulatory facilities, Cardinal Health said.

The FDA allows the same device to be used more than once if the manufacturer can demonstrate that the remanufactured device is compatible with the original device. Many single-use tools can be recycled when they cannot be recycled.

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Need to know: Optimizing productivity for single-use surgical instruments

“Sustainable Technologies is a unique growth business within Cardinal Health,” Global Planning SVP Pete Bennett said in a news release. “Our investment in this expansion underscores Cardinal Health’s commitment to helping reduce the environmental health impact of waste from. [single-use device] reprocessing.”

Cardinal Health says recycling single-use devices is one of the biggest opportunities to reduce hospital waste. The company cited a report by the Association of Medical Device Reprocessors that estimates that US hospitals will save $372 million in 2020 thanks to single-use devices.

The devices cost 25% to 40% less than their new counterparts, according to the group, which represents companies that recycle and manufacture single-use devices.

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“Sustainable Technologies’ large opportunity will allow the business to bring new products to customers, and meet the increasing demand for existing products,” said Bennett. “This represents a win-win, allowing us to help more customers while reducing costs and eliminating waste from the environment.”

How Cardinal Health’s Sustainable Technologies business works

Sustainable Technology identifies the best locations for single-use collection machines and organizes regular collections for recycling. The products used in the Sustainable Technology company are analyzed, processed, cleaned, tested, analyzed, cleaned, sterilized and distributed to the health industry.

Devices that can be modified include pneumatic monitors, laterally operated ventilators, compression sleeves, removable wires, pressure infusion bags and pulse oximetry sensors.

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The Riverview facility has used or recovered more than 2.5 million units of solid waste and placed 99.9% of the waste in the landfill, Cardinal Health said. The company recovers valuable metals from batteries and wires, for example, in cardboard forms for recycling into cardboard or chipboard products such as paper towels, tissue and board.

Non-recyclable, pharmaceutical and hazardous materials are disposed of at the Sustainable Technologies facility, while medical waste is processed and wood waste goes to landfills and is incinerated here. burning to generate electricity.

Cardinal Health reported $15.9 billion in sales for its medical division in 2022, making it the eighth largest medical device company in the world according to the report. Health care and export‘s Medtech Big 100 degree.


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