Ask Jules: I’m young but not experienced with tech. Is that a problem?


Hi Jules: I feel comfortable being in my early 20s and not having much experience with technology compared to my peers. Of course I use technology, but I had a weird childhood where I didn’t get an iPhone until I was about 19, so I’m still learning what my peers know for a while. I didn’t think about it until my crew said it wasn’t normal. Should I be worried? If so, what should I do?

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B: Just because your peer’s background is different doesn’t mean it’s better. While they may have a deep understanding of cultural nuances that come from using certain devices and platforms throughout their childhood, intimacy with technology is still a novelty. I don’t think you should worry, but it’s important to understand that technology plays an increasingly important role in how we interact, learn and work – and to have your finger on the pulse. ‘face is important.

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This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours on social media or playing video games or that you have to invest in VR headsets. What it means is that you have to be curious and willing to look for reliable sources of information to keep you updated. This will give you a basic level of education that is useful to navigate today’s world, whether you like technology or not.

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I believe that you should follow what is happening in social media, games, digital reality technology and artificial intelligence. Social media and games will help you understand the culture that developed and technology during the childhood of your peers. You will also be able to see how these spaces are shaping discourse, conversation and new ways of making a living now. For similar reasons, looking at digital reality technologies such as augmented, virtual and mixed reality, as well as artificial intelligence, will put you in the spotlight in the coming years.

Twitter and YouTube are amazing information hubs that allow you to get regular insights from industry leaders, and keep up to date with the latest trends and developments. As a start – I recommend following Matt Navarra for social media, subscribing to Lex Fridman for intelligence, and subscribing to CNET for gaming and digital reality technology. I also like MKBHD for tech product reviews and Cleo Abram for a comprehensive look at the tech sector.

Joining these people and groups will take a little time out of your week but will provide a solid understanding of the technology. Otherwise, this field can be very difficult, so don’t feel the need to stretch yourself.

Ultimately, it’s up to you if you really want to with certain devices or platforms. For example: if you don’t want to become a gamer, you can join the Twitch stream of whatever is popular right now for a little to get the point. Acknowledging and understanding why these things are important doesn’t mean you have to commit yourself too much.

You have the right to decide if it is worth it to invest yourself in technology or if you prefer your childhood voice. Our generation is the first to have some sort of close relationship with technology from a young age, so who knows, your unique experience could end up being a huge power.


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