America’s Frontier Fund Launches Strategic Innovation Group to Support Fund’s Mission of Advancing Frontier Technologies in America

ARLINGTON, VA.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The American Frontier Fund (AFF) announced today that it is assembling a team of 12 finance, policy and technology experts to join its newly formed Strategic Innovation Group. The group will provide strategic direction to help AFF achieve its investment goals and advance America’s competitiveness through frontier technologies. The Innovation Strategy Group is led by Nicholas Donofrio, IBM Distinguished Fellow and former Executive Vice President, Innovation and Technology, IBM.

AFF is the nation’s first investment platform focused on empowering American innovation and revitalizing domestic manufacturing in critical frontier technology sectors. The Strategic Innovation Group, comprised of industry experts, successful executives and successful entrepreneurs, identifies bold ideas to strengthen American innovation in next-generation technologies and advanced manufacturing.

“We are excited to launch the Strategic Innovation Group and bring the extensive knowledge and insight that these experienced Americans bring to the table,” he said. Jordan Blashek, AFF President and Chief Operating Officer. “Their unique skills will be invaluable in driving innovation, jobs and shared prosperity for all Americans.”

“America must lead the next wave of innovation in artificial intelligence, biotechnology and microelectronics – the stakes are very high,” he said. Nicholas Donofrio, Chair of the New Strategic Innovation Group at the American Border Fund. “I am privileged to have the opportunity to lead AFF’s new advisory group of accomplished and talented individuals ready to assist in this important mission.

“The American Border Fund is the only organization that has found money between government, industry and capital markets. Their talent and capital put them at the forefront of envisioning, building and enabling a future in which the US leads the world in the most important industries.”

Members include:

Nicholas Donofrio, Chairman

Dr. Mostafo Analoui

Steve Blank

Mung Chiang

Dr. Mark Dean

Michelle Doharty

Julia Phillips

Henrik Rasmussen

Ray Rothrock

Anne-Marie Zabt

Tyson Voelkel

Stephen Rodriguez, speaker

About the American Frontier Fund

The American Frontier Fund (AFF) is a country investment platform committed to ensuring that the United States remains the best place in the world to pursue Frontier Technology innovation and investment returns. Since its founding in 2021, AFF has assembled a world-class board of directors and a unique group of investors, scientists, technologists and policy experts dedicated to this mission. AFF invests in all phases through Frontier Fund I; incubates companies through its national network of innovation centers, Roadrunner Studios; and supports US allies and partners in the development of critical and emerging technologies through its leadership in the Quad Investors network.


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