250 Best Charades Ideas for Adults and Kids

Running out of ideas for entertaining the family? Do your conversations with guests fall into awkward silence? Do you feel like you spend too much screen time? Games of charades are always an easy and fun solution. And we’ve taken some of the thinking out of the equation for you – here are the 250 best Charade ideas for use!

The possibilities for charades are virtually endless, which may be part of its charm. Any action, person, TV show, or even meme can be used as word inspiration for Charades. And each person will have a different take on the charade, which can send players off in the wrong direction or leave everyone confused. So have fun scrolling through this list of 250 creative Charades ideas, all divided into useful categories.

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Charades Definition

What exactly do Charades mean? Well, according to Dictionary.com, it’s “a game in which the players are usually divided into two teams whose members take turns pantomiming a word, phrase, title, etc., which the members of their respective teams must guess.”

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So, Charades is a game where a word or action is read and then described (without using the exact word) with a series of actions. Based on the action, the players try to guess the word. The round ends when the word is guessed or the timer runs out (it is recommended to set a one-minute timer).

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